A comprehensive guide to disposable vape Pods(2021)

Introduction to Disposable Vape Pods Disposable vapes are one of the most underrated vape devices that have gone under the radar for some time. And now it is back with a bang in the market with several high-profile brands supplying a massive variety of disposable vapes. These latest disposable vape pods come with mouth-watering flavors that are utterly novel […]

Beginners Guide-Select Dubai vape Kits from Best Vape Brands

Best Vape Brands

BEST VAPE BRANDS FOR BEGINNERS Finding the best vape kits in Dubai from the best vape brands you can manage is perhaps the best thing you can do in case you’re attempting to change from smoking. While numerous new vapers decide on something reasonable that is sufficiently acceptable to take care of business – a […]

Smok Novo Review and How to Clean Guide

SMOK NOVO VAPING EXPERIENCE Manufacturing Quality While the honeycomb/cobra design has been a pattern gradually attacking most of Smok mods starting late, the Smok Novo is the primary case style gadget to utilize the plan, making it very interesting inside its size class. Molded into what takes after an extravagant whistle, the general profile of […]

Which Ingredients to Avoid If You Are Vaping in Dubai

vaping in dubai

Back in the early days of vaping in Dubai, health experts applauded e-cigarettes as the safest and cleanest alternative to smoking. Vapes were touted as the ultimate tool to help people give up on their nicotine habit for good. However, since many ex-smokers hurriedly switched to vaping in Dubai, health advocates became more concerned about […]