This Is Everything You Need to Know About Pop Vapes

pop vapes
Pop vapes are a fresh face in the disposable Dubai vape scene. A pop Dubai vape is only four inches long and uses a poly fill design to provide the most amazing flavour. Pop Vapes are a great JUUL alternative, and you can get plenty of fruity flavours to enjoy. Since there is a lot of performance parity when it comes to disposable vapes, the overall flavour and taste are what many people’s personal preference comes down to. Here are some exciting flavours you should try while vaping in Dubai.  What Is A Pop Vape? Pop vapes are disposable devices that last approximately 400 puffs, which makes it perfect for those who are vaping in Dubai for the first time. They come in a compact travel case that makes them amazingly easy to carry, and you will always be rewarded with a richly unique taste that compares to no other.  Pop Dubai Vape Flavours The flavours for this disposable Dubai vape really “Pop,” hence the name. They are bold and bright with an excellent selection if you do not mind the iced options. The flavour formula for pop vapes leans heavily towards fruits instead of menthol or tobacco. If you have a sweet tooth, you are in for a real treat.  Iced Lychee Lychee has emerged as a flavourful winner among those who love vaping in Dubai. This fruit is immensely popular in Asian countries, like mango and watermelon. The reason so many people enjoy lychee is that it is not overly sweet even though it is a tropical fruit. It might remind you of grape, but the iced lychee pop Dubai vape disposable has a much riper flavour than any grape, which makes it so excitingly palatable. If you enjoy vaping in Dubai during the afternoon when the weather is hot, lychee will give you that refreshing kick, and the cooling ice does not dominate those bold lychee notes.  Strawberry Mango When it comes to quintessential nic salt flavours loved by all, nothing beats mango and strawberry. Pop disposable vapes successfully provide those rich berry notes that make this salt nic one of the most delicious flavours in the world. The strawberry authentically adds a lot of lightness when you inhale, and then the richness of the tropical mango hits your taste buds to balance out all that sweetness.  Iced Pineapple This disposable pop Dubai vape flavour does not get the attention it deserves. It is one of the most eye-opening flavours that you never expect to be that good. The distinct tropical fruit notes pair exceptionally well with the coolness, and the pineapple is very syrupy and sweet. When it comes to a harmonious balance between authentic flavours, nothing beats iced pineapple. The sweetness of the pineapple does not overwhelm when mixed with the icy cold throat hit.