A comprehensive guide to disposable vape Pods(2021)

Introduction to Disposable Vape Pods

Disposable vapes are one of the most underrated vape devices that have gone under the radar for some time. And now it is back with a bang in the market with several high-profile brands supplying a massive variety of disposable vapes. These latest disposable vape pods come with mouth-watering flavors that are utterly novel to the vapers.

disposable vape pods

What are Disposable vapes ?

As the name suggests, they are an expendable vaping device that are pre charged and also prefilled with e-juices. These devices are typically compact and quite handy, which is why they are chosen by most vapers for discreet vaping. Disposable vape pens are eco friendly and can be disposed off without damaging environment.

Disposable Vape pens ,a pioneer device

Cigarette smoking was causing so much havoc to the health of humans around the globe that a healthy and innovative alternative was much needed. As a result, the concept of e-cigarette gained momentum and vape pens were invented. With the advent of modern technology and research, the initial vape pen has undergone a lot of transformation in design and functionality. This evolution has led to the introduction of disposable vape pods or pens. They can be effortlessly used and discarded after usage. These one-time-use devices do not require the user to charge the vape pen or fill the e-juice. Everything is in-built and all you have to do is draw in the vapor.

The working mechanism of a disposable vape device

The disposable vape pods have a built-in e-juice case, mouthpiece, atomizer, and battery. When you start inhaling from the mouthpiece, the e-juice gets heated up by the atomizer, and vapor is produced. This is a very effortless technique and does not require prior experience.

What are the advantages of using a disposable vape device ?

User friendliness – Using a vape device has never been so easy. These disposable vape pods have to be just unpacked from the box, and all you have to do is inhale and let the vapor float in. A majority of these devices are manufactured without a power button that makes it even more effortless to operate these devices. 

Handy and compact – Most of the devices are lightweight and compact in design. They are usually pocket-friendly devices that do not hinder your movement because of their weight. It is also very frequent among vapers to opt for a disposable vape device for discreet vaping.

Absolutely maintenance-free – Unlike other vape devices such as mods and tanks,  disposable vape pods do not require any kind of maintenance. They are discarded after usage and there is no stress regarding the replacement of coils, batteries, or other accessories.

Does disposable vapes last for a long time?

It depends on various factors including the design of the device and the amount of e-juice the manufacturer installs in these disposable vapes. While a majority of devices are ready to use on arrival, other types of devices have various control settings to optimize the device according to personal preferences. 

A few factors that play an important role in an optimal vaping experience include –   

Temperature control :

According to personal preferences, the temperature can be regulated in these devices. The rule of thumb is, higher the heat, the more quickly the oil burns out. So it is always recommended to optimize the temperature controls moderately to experience a longer vaping time.

Battery life :

The life of a disposable vaping pod is its battery. This plays a crucial role in determining the performance of your vape device. It is always advised to purchase a disposable vaping device from an authentic and well-established brand for a battery that has a long shelf life.

Time span of a draw :

This is an important feature to consider when using your disposable vape pods. The quantity of the e-juice drastically decreases when you inhale a lengthy draw. So make sure to find a fine balance to ensure a long lasting vaping experience.

Doubts people have with disposable vape pods
  1. Do disposable vapes have an expiry date?

    Most of the devices have an expiration date of one year. But a critical factor in determining the expiry of a vape device is the temperature. If you can store the disposable vapes in a place having a temperature between 15 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius, there is a high chance of prolonging the shelf life to a couple of years. A cool dry place is an ideal atmosphere for vape devices.

  2. Why do disposable vape pods taste better than the heavier pod versions?

    Disposable vape pods are manufactured and packed with a single e-juice for a one-time experience. So the device and oil are brand new which allows the user to experience a rich and flavorsome vapor. Whereas mods and tanks will be typically used for months and the wicks will be filled with the muck from the e-juice that can cause the user to experience a burnt or nasty flavor.

  3. Can the disposable vape devices be refilled?

    The main aim of the disposable vape pod is to provide the user with a stress-free and convenient vaping experience without any hassles of charging, filling, or operating complex devices. But once the oil gets over, these devices are disposed of as they cannot be recharged or refilled. Although it is a one-time use device, they provide the user with an amazing vaping experience with great flavors and an adequate battery life.