Tips for Vaping in Dubai During Summer

summer vape
Now that lockdown is slowly coming to an end, the scorching summer is just around the corner, and many residents are looking forward to enjoying the sun and sand again. Imagine sitting on the beach and vaping in Dubai while soaking up the desert heat with a fresh cocktail by your side. Here are some tips to help you take care of your Dubai vape to avoid overheating your battery or leaking any e-juice.  E-Cigarette Batteries  Many people make the mistake of accidentally leaving their Dubai vape in the car. During summer, temperatures across the city can exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Unless you always park in an undercover garage with plenty of shade, the inside of your car can feel like you are being cooked alive. Therefore, you should never leave your Dubai vape in the car or out in the sun when the weather is hottest between June and September. The lithium-based batteries do not work well in the heat. The hot summer can also thin your e-juice, and you might need to drop the voltage of your battery to handle this. The best thing to do is to store your batteries separately. Avoid the metal ends from touching each other, or else they can short out. Keep a close eye while charging your batteries, primarily if you use the USB socket in the car or cigarette lighter. These can feel like the inside of a pre-heated oven if your vehicle has been under the sun.  Protect Your E-Juice The warm weather that the UAE is famously known for can thin your e-juice if you are not careful. This can cause a lot of leakages, especially if your tank or cartomizer is not connected to the battery correctly. The hot temperature can also cause the e-juice to expand when you are vaping in Dubai. It is best to fill your tank first in the morning or late evening when the air is cooler. By using less e-juice, you get more space for it to expand when it gets a lot warmer during the day. Always store your Dubai vape in a cool place away from direct heat and sunlight.  Traveling with Your Dubai Vape When it is too hot to enjoy a Dubai vape in the city, you might be tempted to book a holiday abroad to experience colder temperatures. Many people from the UAE travel to European countries during summer for this reason because the flights are also shorter than other destinations. If you are flying abroad, make sure to research the country’s laws to determine if you are permitted to vape or not. Their rules might be different compared to vaping in Dubai, and it is always essential to be informed before making plans because some places have e-cigarette bans in place. It is best to carry proper packaging for your device to keep it safe while in transit, and do not forget to buy the right adapter. Otherwise, you may get stuck abroad, not being able to charge your device.