Smok Novo Review and How to Clean Guide


Manufacturing Quality

While the honeycomb/cobra design has been a pattern gradually attacking most of Smok mods starting late, the Smok Novo is the primary case style gadget to utilize the plan, making it very interesting inside its size class. Molded into what takes after an extravagant whistle, the general profile of the Smok Novo doesn’t highlight any sharp or spiked edges and rather makes straight lines and smooth edges to make an ergonomic structure factor that is simple on the hands. Involved just two parts, specifically the fundamental body which holds the battery and the case itself which is included a loop, tank, and mouthpiece combo, the Smok Novo feels adequately strong to the touch and doesn’t create any discernible commotion or shaking when dealt with.

Flavor Quality

Despite its little size, the Smok Novo hits shockingly hard, besting its more modest sibling the Smok Infinix with regards to generally speaking vaping yield. Thus flavor yield is significantly uplifted. Another solid purpose of this present gadget’s unit framework is the sheer solidness and life span of the cases. Each unit we would say went on for several weeks with some in any event, arriving at the 2-week point before there was a remarkable drop in flavor and fume yield.

Power Usage

Being a case style gadget, the Smok Novo as a matter of course needs huge numbers of the serious highlights seen in most powerful box mods, for example, factor wattage, temperature control, or adaptable TCR settings. There are a host of protections built into the device however that prevents the device from shorting and vaping at dangerously low voltages and is extremely helpful in extending the lifespan of the device’s battery.

Overall RENOVO Experience

Being a case style gadget, the Smok Novo as a matter of course needs huge numbers of the serious highlights seen in most powerful box mods, for example, factor wattage, temperature control, or adaptable TCR settings. It’s as yet an extraordinary passage point for potential vapers who are going to make their entrance into the universe of vaping.


Smok Novo Pod Mod is high on the list as one of the most open gadgets to utilize. It’s apparently a simpler to-utilize gadget than comparable unit frameworks, for example, Aspire’s Breeze 2 or Smok’s Infinex in light of the fact that it depends on pre-filled cases that you can get and fit properly at whatever point your juice runs out. The benefits of pre-filled units are various, with the most prompt distinction being tidiness. At the point when you utilize refillable pod vape, the most irritating thing that can happen is to miss the top off opening and spill some over your gadget, making it clingy and wet. This is a misuse of e-liquid and can make your experience disagreeable.

Another advantage to pre-filled pods is they’re typically available in most shops, convenience stores, and gas stations, unlike bottles of e-liquids. Here, convenience is the name of the game. The easier it is to find a pack of pre-filled pods, the more value these pods offer for a vaper. One disadvantage to having pre-filled pods is that they don’t last as long as bottles of e-liquids and therefore, overall, cost more than getting a bottle of e-liquid. It all depends on your budget, and how much you want to spend on convenience.  

Smok novo


Step 1: 

Take apart your pod system. Most open case frameworks comprise two segments: the case cartridge and the unit mod. On the off chance that your pack has more discrete parts, dismantle those also.

Cleaning the connections

We want to start by cleaning the connections.  Where your case mod associates with your case cartridge must be cleaned routinely, as messy associations will meddle with your mod’s capacity to send capacity to the curl.

Step 2: 

Take a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol in it.  Then, gently but thoroughly wipe down the connections on both the battery and the cartridge.

Step 3:

Next, utilize your q-tip to clean the associations that interface the mod to your charging gadget. Grimy associations will meddle with your battery’s capacity to charge appropriately.

Cleaning the base

Presently, we should clean the case of your case mod. Flotsam and jetsam can make the catches in the long run become stuck, which implies the finish of your unit mod.

Step 4: 

In the event that your unit mod has catches, check to ensure that the border of those catches is away from garbage. On the off chance that it’s not, take a stab at utilizing a toothpick or another little, sharp item to deliberately remove flotsam and jetsam. 

Step 5: 

Whenever you’ve dealt with the catches, you can give your unit mod a brisk wipe-down utilizing a microfiber material that has been dunked into simply a smidgen of water or scouring liquor.

Cleaning the pod cartridge

Once you’re done cleaning the mod now you can move onto the pod cartridge. 

Step 6: 

Start by emptying your pod cartridge. Try to clear out as much as you can.

Step 7: 

Fill it with warm water, give it a brisk shake, and dump it out. This will get out any garbage extra from the last e-fluid.

Cleaning the mouthpiece

Step 8:

On the off chance that your case framework has a different mouthpiece or trickle tip, eliminate that and run tepid water through it. Presently, look inside. In the event that you can see flotsam and jetsam or juice gunk, take a cotton swab or toothpick and carefully dislodge what’s inside.

After all the above process you can refill your pod and can start to vape this fabulous vape pod with our vape shop.