Which Ingredients to Avoid If You Are Vaping in Dubai

vaping in dubai
Back in the early days of vaping in Dubai, health experts applauded e-cigarettes as the safest and cleanest alternative to smoking. Vapes were touted as the ultimate tool to help people give up on their nicotine habit for good. However, since many ex-smokers hurriedly switched to vaping in Dubai, health advocates became more concerned about potential health issues and urged consumers to purchase only the highest quality devices and e-juices to prevent fatal lung diseases. Only spend your hard-earned cash on reputable brands that pay a lot of attention when it comes to the safety of their products while being transparent with all their customers. As more ex-smokers discover the joys of vaping in Dubai, many people find it therapeutic. This is because a Dubai vape helps a lot of people unwind and relax so that they can think more clearly about their problems while taking advantage of the calming and meditative effects. Whether you love a “Morning latte” or “Berry Cheesecake,” here are the ingredients to stay away from.  What to Know About Dubai Vape Juice Safety? Aside from the packaging, there are several differences in components and e-juice ingredients that set companies apart. Even though most products have labels on them with instructions, many people do not read them, which is why we are here to save the day by telling you what to avoid.  Diacetyl This is a chemical that is used in food, such as popcorn because it gives it a rich buttery flavour and texture. Diacetyl is one of the most popular artificial ingredients, but it should be avoided when it comes to e-juices for your Dubai vape because it has been related to lung disease. This is the primary ingredient responsible for “Popcorn lung” because it also affects people working at popcorn factories. Popcorn lung is a slang term for chronic bronchiolitis when small airways in the lungs called bronchioles are scarred and cause severe breathing problems that can only be cured by a lung transplant. However, reputable brands in the UAE only sell diacetyl-free e-juices.  Acetoin Acetoin is toxic because it has a similar formula as DA (Diacetyl). It used to be considered as a safe alternative in the past, but research has shown that it dangerously transforms into Diacetyl.  Acetyl Propionyl This is also another chemical that you should stay away from while vaping in Dubai because it also acts similarly to diacetyl. When you research brands for a Dubai vape, always ensure that their products are entirely free of acetyl propionyl.   Always Check Product Descriptions and Labels If you do not buy products for vaping in Dubai from reputable and licensed companies, you might find some horrible surprises in flavoured e-juices. To have a peace of mind knowing you are not inhaling toxic substances, always read the product descriptions on websites and packaging labels. Most companies should also display customer reviews so that you can see that other users are not experiencing any health problems while having a Dubai vape.