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Welcome to VAPE HOUND, the first fully fledged ESMA Approved online vape store in UAE. We take pride into providing you with only Government approved products, registered, tested and fully compliant to UAE Rules and Regulations. Our mission is to provide you with the top Dubai E cigarettes.

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Vape Hound Dubai is the ultimate haven for vapers who exclusively prefer an extensive collection of mouth-watering flavors of e-juices in various intensities. We have a very simple and straightforward agenda that is to provide a very memorable and flawless vaping experience to anyone who avails our vape Dubai services.

And indeed over the years with immense support from our customers, we have became an eminent vape shop in DubaiOur brand has always been synonymous with “progression” due to the constant enhancement of vaping products in our inventory. Products we sell are enhanced in terms of appeal, aesthetics and design not only quality.

So what makes our UAE vape shop a crowd-puller?

The basic foundation of our success as the leading vape UAE store is customer satisfaction. To materialize this objective requires an immense level of dedication and diligence in every sphere of our service. And for that very reason, we have conducted several kinds of research, employed high-grade materials, used ergonomic designing, introduced novel varieties of e-juices, etc. By performing these meticulous tasks Vape Hound Dubai delivers several exceptional vape products that cater perfectly to people who require a divergent array of e-juices and devices.

 Another crucial element of our Vape uae shops achievement is the customer service assistance. We are always available for our clients 24/7 for solving any complications or queries that they may encounter while shopping. This has always been an important aspect of our service and has helped us to retain a majority of our customers. 

Product Categories in our Online Vape Shop

The glory of Vape Hound Dubai lies in its ability to give an all-around vaping experience to its wonderful customers. These are the various categories that showcase some of the most exquisite collections of vaping juices and kits available online.


It is very much true that variety is the spice of life, and we have always maintained that attitude by providing an assortment of over 50+ branded e juices with several variants from each one of them. A few famous e juices sold in our vape shop includes the likes of Cubano by VGODBroski Berry by Nasty juice, Bubblegum grenade by Riot Squad etc.

Nicotine Salts 

 An impressive collection of 30+brands of nicotine salts, also known as salt nic are available in our arsenal and ranging from 20mg to 50mg in quantity. These high-quality salts are rich extracts of nicotine from the leaves of tobacco. The number of flavors available for these salt nic’s consists of a staggering 80+ flavors.

Vape kits

We also provide Vape kits unlike anywhere that include single, dual, and built-in batteries for different requirements. This is one of the most sought-after products from our collection. 

The Bundle packs

A trendy offer that is gaining momentum among the vaping community is our bundle packs that comprises of JUUL, Myle and Stig flavors offered in discounted bundles.

For The beginner and expert vapers 

There is an ideal vaping device and an e-juice available at Vape Hound for all sorts of vapers from amateurs to experts. Our warehouse always makes sure that a huge collection of unique vape products are available and people who approach our online store will not return with their hands empty.

Vaping Components and Accessories

A unique feature that makes Vape Hound UAE stand out from the crowd is its capacity to provide the customers with a variety of accessories for a flawless operating device. The build-up of muck from the vape juices after a while causes the vaping devices to emit less vapor and also the flavors can taste quite offensive. Hence we provide several components such as wires, batteries, coils, lanyards, drip tips, cotton, glasses, and cases.


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