How Often Should You Change Vape Coil?

How Often Should You Change Vape Coil?

How Often Should You Change the Vape Coil ? When it comes to vaping in Dubai, one of the most popular questions asked online is when people should change the coils in their vape pens.

Maintaining your Dubai vape will prolong its life span so that you can get plenty more hits before having to buy a new one. There are two primary aspects of vape maintenance, and this depends on whether the batteries and coils are performing at their optimum level.

Many people feel overwhelmed when they hear that they need to maintain their Dubai vape, but it is the same as having to trim your hedges, getting your car serviced, or mowing the lawn.

Regarding coils for vaping in Dubai, their well-being depends on how much of a chain vaper you are. If you puff all day long, then you might need to change your coils more frequently than others.

Vegetable glycerine-based e-juice can also wear out the wick faster compared to those with a balanced VG/PG ratio. Finally, your coil can also burn out more quickly if you vape on a variable voltage mod and always crank up the power.

The Benefit of Changing Your Coil

Before telling you the secret of how often you need to change coils, it is essential to understand why you need to replace them in the first place.

When the wick of your coil burns out, you might get hit with a horrid burnt taste, which signals that it is time for you to switch things up. If you continue using a faulty coil while vaping in Dubai, the e-juice will leak into your device, thus destroying the battery.

How Often Should You Change Coils?

When you notice that your Dubai vape tastes horribly burnt, and your battery is deteriorating, it means that your coil is no longer functional. This depends on how heavily you are vaping in Dubai.

For example, if you chain vape every single day, you might need to replace the coil every week. In this case, maintaining your Dubai vape will become a regular habit, and you will know exactly which day of the week to swap coils.

If you are a light or moderate vaper, you may only have to change the coil every fortnight or three weeks. This should help you save a lot of money, but coils are generally inexpensive and can be easily replaced.

Always ensure that you buy the safest products from licensed Dubai vape companies that have a stellar reputation in the region. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your device does not pose a risk to your health.

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