How to Prime Coils for Vaping in Dubai

How to Prime Coils for Vaping

How to Prime Coils for Vaping? For new people vaping in Dubai, one of the most essential things to know right before taking a puff is how to prime a vape coil. If the coil is not primed correctly, your first vape could overheat it and give you a very unpleasant burnt taste after every hit.

This will also burn out your coils faster and cost money to replace them all the time. Every new Dubai vaper should learn how to prime their vape coils to get them to last long for the best experience.

Not every vaper will have to learn how to prime coils. E-cigarettes that have pod mods and replaceable cartridges do not need any priming or preparation. You will only need to know this is you are using mods or RDA’s with refillable tanks.

Learning how to prime a coil is practically like learning how to vape in Dubai. It is not a complicated process and takes very little time.

Your coil needs to be primed because it is a high-temperature metal that is always touching a cotton wick and can leave a burnt taste if you take too many puffs without breaks.

How to Prime A Vape Coil?

If you are using a sub-ohm vape, your coils need to be primed. Because these devices use coils with atomizer resistances that are under 1.0 ohms.

This low resistance requires more power to be drawn from the battery, which results in a lot of vapour being produced. This is what everyone vaping in Dubai loves, but since you are using a lot more battery power. You are causing the coils to burn out faster.

To prime a sub-ohm atomizer coil, the first thing you should do is place a new coil at the
bottom of the vape tank. When this coil is inserted, put a few drops of e-juice through the top opening of the coil. Letting it seep into the cotton.

Then on the sides of the coil, place a drop or two of flavour in the juice ports. After this is done, assemble the tank and fill it with juice. Wait around ten minutes after completing this, and then take a hit from your device to test it out.

It is crucial to wait for ten minutes, even if user manuals might suggest only five. This is to be on the safe side. Because the cotton wick might be dense, needing the additional few minutes to saturate correctly.

After this ten-minute wait, you should be able to take a hit. With your primed coil that is now ready for action.

Priming Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) Vape Coils

MTL vape coils are those with an atomizer resistance above 1.0 ohms. You will pull the vapour into your mouth and then inhale, like smoking a cigarette. Compared to a regular coil, all you need is a little patience to prime MTL coils.

These are smaller than sub-ohm coils, and you do not have to drip the e-juice on it, which makes it simpler. All you must do is fill the tank as usual and let it saturate for about ten minutes before vaping.

This should be done after inserting a new vape coil in the base of your tank and assembling it according to the instructions from the manual. The wick will saturate on its own, and you will get the full flavour in no time.

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