Types of Hits to Expect from Your Device While Vaping in Dubai

types of hits from vaping device

Many residents are vaping in Dubai to quit smoking cigarettes. There are many devices to
choose from, and it all depends on what you personally need to get the best experience from a Dubai vape. Lets check the types of hits from vaping device.

One of the most overlooked aspects is how the vapour interacts with your body with each hit. Here are some techniques that produce different results, and you might prefer one or the other.

Knowing the type of hit you enjoy will also help you choose the right device.

Direct Lung Inhale (DLI)

Using this method, you are inhaling vapour directly into your lungs for the most intensity. It is similar to how you would inhale air from a balloon.

If you have smoked shisha in a café i Downtown Dubai, you will notice that this type of hit gives you the same experience. The best device for a direct lung hit is a sub ohm.

Although a direct inhale can be overwhelming for new vapers, those who want a stronger hit will find his method most satisfying. Your device’s temperature needs to be high enough, and then you should take a deep drag straight away.

Sub ohm tanks are the best for direct lung hits. You should also lessen the amount of PG you consume because this will smoothen the hit to your throat so you can enjoy the e-juice flavours more.

It is also essential to lessen the level of nicotine and go for 6mg or less to avoid coughing too much after each drag. If you are an avid cloud chaser, a sub ohm tank with direct lung hits will produce the biggest clouds.

Mouth-To-Lung (MTL)

With the mouth-to-lung technique, you are drawing and holding the vapour in your mout before breathing it into your lungs. This is the most common technique used by smokers.

The flavours will linger in your mouth for longer so that you can enjoy the full experience of your e-juice flavours. If you want a Dubai vape to quit smoking cigarettes, this technique feels more natural because you are already familiar with it.

The mouth-to-lung method also uses less juice because you are focusing more on tasting the flavours while taking smaller drags. This will cause the e-juice to vaporize at a slower rate while making them last much longer.

With MTL, you are also using less power from your device’s battery, so each hit feels cooler and refreshing in your mouth rather than a direct lung hit. Your device has a lower chance of overheating, and you get to save a lot of battery power.

This type of hit is not for everyone because it is not as intense as a direct lung hit, and some Dubai vapers find it lacking in strength and less satisfying.

Many old devices were designed for a mouth-to-lung hit, whereas newer devices cater more towards direct lung hits as the former is considered outdated.

For an MTL hit, you should stick to conventional tools, such as vape pens, cigar likes, and certain mods with resistances that are higher than one ohm. Your device should also have a narrow tip for the e-juice with a higher amount of PG (Propylene Glycol).

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