Stealth Vaping Ninja Tricks That You Can Try for Fun

Vaping Ninja Tricks

If you are walking in a crowded place like Global Village and want to vape without people judging, there are many ways you can be the ultimate “Vaping Ninja Tricks.” A lot of vapers enjoy stealth vaping in Dubai because it is a lot of fun.

You can hilariously imagine yourself as a master of disguise while sneaking in puffs full of flavour and hiding in plain sight. We do not recommend you doing this inside Dubai Mall near the aquarium, but you can try these tricks while watching the fountain when the outdoor area is packed full of tourists.

The Random Distractor

This is an easy trick where you distract people while quickly inhaling a puff when they are not looking. You might benefit from this if you have friends or a partner who does not like being near vapers.

The key is to catch them off-guard by quickly telling them to look in a different direction so that you can have a few seconds to enjoy a Dubai vape behind their back.

The Speedy Walker

If you walk fast enough while vaping in Dubai, people will hardly notice because you will whizz right past them. This way, you will also look less suspicious compared to standing still in the middle of the street.

Hold a phone to your ear and cup your hand placing the vape close to your mouth while puffing. Act like you are talking to someone to make this experience even funnier.

Your friends will wonder why you are suddenly in such a hurry and will be out of breath to care about your sneaky Dubai vape.

The Scarf Diva

You can only use this trick during the winter months because nobody wears scarves in Dubai. If you wear one in the middle of June, then you will draw attention to yourself.

Buy a fashionable scarf that matches your outfit and puff comfortably underneath. It will be challenging for people to realize that you are sneaking in a mouthful of flavour, especially since they will be more concerned about your new dramatic sense of style.

The Thoughtful Soul

Hide a thin vape device like a JUUL in your hand and raise it to your lips as though you are thinking about something very deeply.

This thoughtful poser disguise will work better if you also dress the part as a revolutionary inventor who stops to think about things randomly. Try wearing some dark colours with a turtleneck as though you are inventing the next iPhone.

Think silently and avoid saying “Hmm” or anything else, because the vapour might blow out of your nose and give away your secret.

Keep in mind that despite your exceptional vaping ninja tricks and skills, you should only vape in designated areas where it is safe to do so.

These tricks are only recommended for having fun with friends, and you should never attempt to break any laws by stealth vaping in indoor spaces where it is illegal.

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