Valid Funny Questions Asked by Those Who Are Vaping in Dubai

Funny questions about vaping

Funny Questions About Vaping in Dubai

Funny questions about Vaping? Vaping in Dubai has grown in popularity despite all the naysayers and health concerns in the media. There are many success stories of how a Dubai vape has helped several people quit smoking cigarettes.

It has been more effective than nicotine patches and gums that made people feel ill. However, a lot of residents still feel that vaping in Dubai is unknown territory. And want to learn more, especially if they lack experience.

The media does spread a lot of fear in terms of lung diseases, deaths, tooth loss, penguins and so on. No one can blame residents having a Dubai vape for asking some uncommon questions.

Here are the most humorous ones that got our attention.

Will All My Teeth Fall Off from Vaping in Dubai?

This question might seem funny at first, but it is perfectly valid. Tobacco smokers experience several dental problems, such as gingivitis, bad breath, yellowing teeth, and many more.

Teeth are a prominent feature on our face, and pearly whites can boost anyone’s confidence in no time. There is a reason why cosmetic dentists make a lot of money!

If you have a Dubai vape, you will not lose your teeth and should never have to worry about that happening anytime soon. The internet community might have some people disagree, but the facts are that e-cigarettes and e-juices do not cause tooth or gum problems.

If you use e-juices with nicotine while vaping in Dubai, you might experience a slight discoloration like smoking cigarettes. However, this is only with heavy use, and if you do not practice regular dental hygiene.

Always make sure to brush and floss daily and drink lots of water. Unlike a Dubai vape, drinking red wine and black coffee are notorious for tooth discoloration. 

Can I Get Sick If I Drink Some E-Juice?

Many people who love chasing new experiences, especially if they are bored with their dry vaporizer, wonder if it is safe to drink some e-juice while vaping in Dubai. This is because the e-juice smells and tastes pleasant, and it might be tempting for some to try it.

However, this is a terrible idea and highly not recommended because it might result in a nicotine overdose. In extreme cases, it can cause heavy sickness and even death. Anything over sixty milligrams of nicotine might be fatal for an adult depending on the size of their body.

This might not be as harmful as vaping or smoking cigarettes, but you should never consume any e-juice with nicotine directly by drinking the liquid. No matter how delicious your e-juice flavours are, you should never drink them, because it can be lethal. 

My E-Juice Tastes Like Body Spray, Should I Continue Using It?

If you are unsatisfied with your e-juice flavour while vaping in Dubai, there are plenty of other incredible ones to choose from. You do not have to settle for a mediocre taste when you have so many great options that can enhance your Dubai vape experience.

Trying different flavours is one of the most fun parts about vaping in Dubai. The body spray taste might be a result of an old or expired cartridge.

To stop feeling like you are ingesting Axe deodorant directly into your mouth, you should always find a reputable seller online while buying e-juices.

Make sure the seller has tons of positive reviews from other customers who also love a Dubai vape to feel confident about the products you purchase.