How to Make Your E-Juice Last While Vaping in Dubai During Coronavirus Lock Down

How to Make Your E-Juice Last

Due to the current COVID-19 lockdown period, supplies for a Dubai vape are running low across the world, and you might be worried about stocking up on enough e-juice and making it last.

This is even more essential now because most people are working from home where they can take a hit in the comfort of being away from a smoke-free office.

If online deliveries are taking longer than usual or your favorite shop is shut for the unforeseeable future, here are some steps you can take to make your current e-juice last a little longer.

Avoid High Powered Mods

High powered mods are fun because you get more control over your Dubai vape and can create ginormous vapor clouds. However, they drain your e-juice fast especially if you are using them at their full power levels. Most mods usually come with a low power setting and can be used with different resistances.

Switch to Pods and Vape Pens

Most pods and Dubai vape pens work efficiently with lower wattage and are ideal to save e-juice compared to other devices. The best is to choose a device for vaping in Dubai that has a lower power output. You can spend less while still getting good flavor that satisfies your throat hit.

Reduce Your Power Output

If you are close to running out of e-juice while vaping in Dubai and are on your last cartridge, you should use low power as much as possible. When more power is used, more e-juice is vaporized, and you will need to order more online because many shops are shut due to COVID.

You might need to wait a little longer than usual because some delivery services are
experiencing delays.

Up Your Nicotine Strength

Many people lower their nicotine strength in hopes of consuming less, but they often end up vaping in Dubai more than usual. Saving the last bit of your e-juice is easier if you switch to stronger nicotine levels. Then you will need to take fewer hits during the day and get the same lasting effect to satisfy those nicotine cravings.
Alternatively, you can use nicotine salts which provide a smoother throat hit while delivering nicotine much faster compared to regular e-juice. However, if you really enjoy the throat hit then you might not enjoy the smoothness from nicotine salts and should stick to e-juices while vaping in Dubai.

Choose High PG E-Juice

When you have switched to a low powered device, it is best to avoid high VG e-juices, especially those with a VG:PG ratio of 80:20 or 70:30. It is best to look for e-juices that have a 50:50 VG and PG ratio. E-juices with higher VG are thicker than those with more PG. This extra thickness can be used with low resistance coils thanks to the wide ports and mesh design to handle the additional volume. High resistance coils do not have the same features and work more effectively with e-juices with high PG for your Dubai vape.