Surviving Your First Week as A Non-Smoker by Vaping in Dubai

first week of vaping

First week of vaping as a Non-smoker. If you have recently discovered vaping in Dubai as an alternative to quitting cigarettes for good, pat yourself on the back for getting this far.

Pushing aside cigarettes is one of the hardest decisions a person can make, and few are brave enough to undertake this journey towards a healthier lifestyle. While you are starting off with a Dubai vape, you should never underestimate how challenging the first week is going to be.

This is because your body will crave cigarettes intensely. You will undergo a challenging adjustment period known as the “Quitting cycle.”

Here is you should expect during your first week so that you can be prepared while transitioning away from tobacco products. 

Why is the First Week of Vaping So Tough?

Before having a Dubai vape, you might have had hundreds or thousands of cigarettes in your lifetime. This has created a psychological tobacco addiction, along with a physical withdrawal from nicotine.

You might feel anxiety-ridden, stressed, and angry during this time because your body is going through a significant change. You are ridding yourself from all the toxins present in cigarettes. And this might cause short bursts of anger or tiredness.

Those cigarette cravings will become intensely overpowering, making it much harder for you to refrain from lighting a stick. During this stage in the quitting cycle, a lot of your emotions might surface.

This can make you feel helpless, but you need to remember that it is temporary. You are merely going through an adjustment. 

Remind yourself that all those cravings are transient, and you will succeed over them if you distract yourself. Revert to your motivations for quitting cigarettes and why that meant so much to you.

Your brain might crazily try rationalizing why you should have one more smoke, but this will cause a significant relapse in your journey. You will feel hungrier than usual and should drink more water to avoid overeating and gaining weight.

Drinking a glass of water before meals can suppress your appetite. Avoid alcohol and switch to herbal teas and fruit juices instead. 

At the start of your quitting cycle, you can have a Dubai vape with nicotine to make this much easier on your body. Then you can slowly reduce the nicotine levels as you start vaping in Dubai more.

Drinking water will also help remove nicotine from your system if you want to eventually have e-juices without any. A lot of ex-smokers worry about not enjoying their Dubai vape if there is no nicotine.

That is because your body is still craving. It will always feel tempted to have a cigarette puff because you are used to it. When difficult emotions arise, you should practice some distraction techniques. 

It is no secret that a lot of will power is required during the first week of vaping in Dubai after quitting cigarettes. However, it is doable, and those irritable and intense emotions will slowly fade away.

If you feel hungry all the time, you can eat vegetables and crunchy fruits. To feel full without too many calories that will make those jeans feel snug. Finally, get to know and make friends with other vapers who have gone through this experience before.

This way, you will not feel alone and can be part of a growing community of those who have taken the challenge to quit tobacco products for a Dubai vape instead.