Vaping in Dubai: Why Do I No Longer Get A Buzz from Nicotine?

No longer get a buzz from nicotine

Many people who have been vaping in Dubai for a long time suddenly wonder why they no longer feel a buzz from nicotine. Several people go on online forums to question the
disappearance of their e-cigarette buzz that made vaping more fun.

If you are one of those people who miss that little excitement from your Dubai vape, here is all you need to know.

The Nicotine Buzz

Nicotine is a mild stimulant that slightly alters your mental state to give you pleasure. This is like drinking a fresh cup of coffee in the morning before heading to work.

A nicotine buzz from your Dubai vape might help you stay calm, focus and concentrate better, and be more alert. However, only small amounts of nicotine provide these benefits.

If you have too much nicotine, it can act as a sedative instead of giving you a boost to get through the day like coffee.

The ability to refocus and relax with the happiness from nicotine triggering the dopamine in your brain is what many people miss after vaping in Dubai for a while.

As nicotine enters your bloodstream, it travels to the brain to bind with nicotinic cholinergic receptors that produce pleasurable effects from releasing dopamine.

This provides a wave of calmness and a little headrush that feels amazing if you are having a Dubai vape.

How Long Does the Buzz Last?

The “High” from nicotine fades very quickly. It might last a few seconds or up to half an hour if you are past your comfort zone of vaping in Dubai. However, make sure not to overuse nicotine because it can make you feel nauseated and jittery.

Why Do You No Longer Feel A Buzz?

If you use nicotine too frequently while vaping in Dubai, you might develop a tolerance. This is the same way you may not get a buzz from caffeine if you drink too many cups in a day.

The receptors triggered by nicotine to release dopamine do not have an unlimited capacity and get maxed out if you use nicotine regularly. That is when you lose the “Nic Buzz” and no longer feel the same level of relaxation as before.

How to Get the Buzz Back?

Since your nicotine receptors are running on empty from vaping too frequently, you can reduce your intake to lower tolerance. Think of it like having that first cup of coffee in the morning and how it never has the same effect if you continue drinking several cups throughout the day. Frequent use of nicotine

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