A Modern Use Of Vape With The Introduction Of Vape Pods

modern use of vaping

What is the modern use of vaping? For a really long time, e-cigarettes have been gaining tremendous popularity. In fact, most of the youngsters prefer smoking e-cigarettes as they have fewer risk factors associated with them.

However, in the hope to increase the effectiveness; vape pens, tube mods, and pods have been introduced.

Introduction to Vape Pods

This is a new change that has been brought up by Vape Dubai. They are basically box mods that have more packing and more batteries into their bodies.

To understand better, we are going to widely describe the main reasons or benefits of using mods infused vape.

One of the biggest advantages of vaping, besides the lower risks of heart coronary diseases, is that they are extremely user-friendly. You can vape without charging which is certainly a huge plus-point when compared to traditional means of smoking.

Low Nicotine Content

For a better experience, you could probably pair this sort of a setup with a high-VG that have low nicotine content. These e-juices can be extremely satisfying as you no longer will be tasking the nicotine, instead will be having a taste of a sweet juice.

Another benefit is that vape pods are portable and simple which could be rather considered as a modern equivalent to cigarettes that have lower risks of diseases and ailments. Before we further go ahead with the benefits, let us discuss what are pod systems.

As the very name suggests, pod systems are e-cigarettes that make use of a pod as an opposition to a traditional tank or atomizer. They often have a very small capacity with a battery life of 300mAh.

However, if you need, you could always order a bigger pod and higher battery power. Some of them range from 200mAh to 650mAh.

Popular Vape Pods

There is certainly a variation that is generally present to enhance the user experience of a pod. One of the most popular forms of the pod is the JUUL from Pax vapour. It is more like an archetypal pod system that has a rectangular shape.

Another one is the Aspire Gusto Mini which is a box-type pod and lastly, you also have the Suorin Drop which looks like small pebbles. In most cases, these vape devices are all controlled with an automatic button and can be operated very easily.

You just need to inhale from the tip of the vaping device in the same way you smoke an e-cigarette, however with a vape, you can incorporate different fruity flavours.

So, what are you waiting for? Relax and indulge in vaping!

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