Choosing The Best Flavour For Your Vape Juice

Best Flavour For Your Vape Juice

Choosing The Best Flavour For Your Vape Juice? It’s great to explore different flavours for your vape juice, and what’s best is that you can play around by mixing up flavours with a good nicotine kick and the right PG/VG ratio.

The virtual mixing process is a fun and easy process to find out what’s best for you.Of course, it works differently with everyone. While some vapers enjoy blending flavours, there are some who prefer single flavours for their vape juice.

But if you’re new to the vaping world and you’re wondering which could be better, then it’s better to try it for yourself! There are many flavours to choose from, such as the standard strawberry or vanilla.

But if you’re looking for a more interesting taste, then blending your flavours would be worth the shot.

Here’s a pro tip though: if you’re trying a flavour for the first time, it’s best to buy a smaller bottle just in case you don’t end up loving it. Once you find your taste, then you can stock up and buy larger ones.

You won’t run out of options when you shop for vape juice flavours with a variety to select from. If you’re looking for a particular taste, then here are some of the most common categories:

Fruity Flavours

Fruit-flavoured e-juice are widely popular for a reason—they’re simply tasty! It’s a jungle with many fruits to enjoy such as apple, banana, berries, mango, melon, orange… those are just some of the fruit flavours you get to try. Of course, fruits are always to blend and the same goes in achieving the perfect e-juice taste.


Are you a sweet tooth? Then vape juices that are inspired by different desserts are perfect for you. You’ll find great options ranging from donuts to milkshakes. These flavours also give off the familiar smell from your favourite bakeries or coffee shops, it’s as if you’re eating the real thing. Taste the same smooth and creamy flavours, except that you get it for a zero-calorie treat.


Now, if you’re searching for the good old taste of tobacco for your nicotine fix, then you can still enjoy it even with a healthier alternative! Enjoy the tobacco flavour with an interesting mix such as roasted coffee, vanilla custard, buttery caramel, and many more. If you’re not entirely a fan of the strong tobacco taste, then you can eliminate that by adding a distinct flavour.


If you love drinking beverages such as coffee, lemonades, or even green tea, then you’re in luck as there are also available options for your beverage fix. You can even enjoy a smoothly-blended flavour of different fruits like lemon, lime, and pineapple slushies—plus you get to enjoy the fantastic fizz with the Fizzy Lemonade by Glas Basix E-Liquid.

With so many flavours to enjoy from, the only way to find your perfect match is to give it a try. We’re sure you’ll find yours by exploring vapor juice online, along the best vaping devices to go along with your e-juice!

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