5 Ways to Boost Your Vape Clouds

5 Ways to Boost Your Vape Clouds

Many people vape in dubai to get their nicotine fix and cherish that comforting hit in the back of their throats, which reminds them of smoking cigarettes.

5 ways to Boost your vape Clouds are

  • Upgrade your device
  • Boost the Wattage
  • More airflow
  • Higher VG e-juices
  • High performance atomizer

You can also take your vape dubai to the next level by blowing large vapour clouds that will impress all your friends.

If you are an avid cloud chaser, here are some basic steps on how you can increase your vapour output, especially if the ones from your current devices do not come out thick enough.

Some of these might require tweaking your setup and learning more about vaping.

Upgrade Your Device

If you want to blow giant vapour clouds, beginner devices like basic e-cigs and vape pens will not do the trick. You will need to spend a little more and upgrade to advanced mods for this purpose.

These do not have to be the most expensive ones. You can still commit to chasing clouds by investing in a device that has variable wattage or a superior atomizer.

Boost the Wattage

The amount of power supplied by your vaping device will determine how much cloud is
produced. For denser clouds, you will need to use variable wattage devices that can increase production.

As a bonus, you will also get tons more flavour from e-juices with a high-powered device. Keep in mind not to push too much power. Otherwise, it will put too much stress on the coils and will damage them.

You should start experimenting with a lower power before going all out. This will also help you balance the input power with how much vapour you want to blow.

More Airflow

The more you raise the airflow, the denser your vapour clouds will be. This does not have to be extreme because you can still get a reasonable amount of vapour from low airflow settings.

However, the smoke produced will be hot and concentrated without dispersing efficiently. The cloud will also appear small while leaving a bad taste in your mouth each time you exhale.

Higher VG E-Juices

For that satisfying throat hit, you need a little propylene glycol, but this feels quite harsh with high powered settings. E-juices with more vegetable glycerine will help balance the poor taste and give you thicker clouds to please your cloud chasing ambitions.

High-Performance Atomizer

Rather than just upgrading the current device you are using, it is always better to go for a high – performing one, especially if it does not have much room for upgrades.

Most seasoned dubai vape pros use sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers to produce a ton of vapour because they have low-resistance coils that can withstand a lot of power.

This is essential because the atomizer of your e-cigarette mod is responsible for how much vapour you can produce. This way, you will not put too much pressure and damage your regular device’s coils.

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