Vape Safely: 5 Useful Tips to Know If A Vape Juice Is Authentic

5 Useful Tips to Know a Vape Juice Is Authentic

Here is the 5 Useful Tips to Know If A Vape Juice Is Authentic. Identifying the authenticity of vape juice before purchasing is very important. The good news is, it involves a simple, straightforward process.

In fact, to ascertain the genuineness of an e-juice, these are the things to check before you pay for the product:

The reputation of the Vendor

Good vendors usually store a wide variety of high-quality vape juices. But that is not all, online reviews, word of mouth references, and a vendor’s relationship with the manufacturers are also indicators of his or her reliability.

So, the first step to shopping safe and authentic vape juice is to identify a reputable, trustworthy vendor to buy from.

The Look and Feel of the Packaging

If you have a reputable vendor that you buy from regularly. Then, you may not have to worry about dealing with fakes.

However, you ever find yourself buying from a random shop or online platform, you can identify the authenticity of a vape juice by the look and feel of the packaging.

Firstly, check to see that the nicotine content is clearly marked. Warning about nicotine intake should also be clearly written on the label.

Secondly, check the quality of labeling. Most high-quality vape juices have well-designed, well-aligned labels, with that luxurious feeling. If the label is peeling, it’s a tell-tale that you holding a fake or expired liquid. Put it down and move away.

The Smell, Feel, and Taste of the Juice

If you have been buying vape liquids for a while, you know what to look for in the e-juice of your choice. It is acceptable to drop a little on your finger to check if the taste, smell, and feel comply with what you are used to.

They are formulated to thrill your taste buds, not to bore you with a single taste that screams that screams “this is apple flavor” or whatever flavor it is you have picked.

Check the Bottle/Label for Certifications

This is where branding comes in. The brand you choose is very important as most well-known brands do not only formulate the best flavors but acquire the necessary licenses and certifications to operate in the field.

And more importantly, great brands love to show off their achievements. Check the label or bottle to see if the brand you have picked is certified.

If the juice has poor packaging and there is no clear sign that they are certified, you are most likely holding a fake. Drop it down!

Go for Child Resistant Caps

A good e-juice should have a child-resistant cap, this is in accordance with global best practices. E-juice can be very detrimental when ingested by children.

It doesn’t matter if you have a kid or not, e-juices with such cap are most like made by fake companies trying to cut corners.

These are a few ways to ensure you buy safe, high-quality e-juice. If you are looking for some high-quality e-juice, VAPE HOUND is a reliable vendor and sells some amazing that you will surely enjoy. Check out some of our flavors here.

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